Strategic Games

Strategic Games focuses on promoting God Consciousness (also known as Yoga) where by following a yoga process an individual can live a life of constant happiness by being elevated to a transcendental state of consciousness. The Supersoul is a piece of God inside us and observes the individual soul (which makes us all sons of God/one with God). The problem with society today is the individual soul has become contaminated with material elements for satisfaction (such as alcohol consumption, wealth, adult entertainment and meat-eating). By controlling our senses from such material elements one can obtain spiritual realization through the soul which is beyond the miseries that exist within this material world.

In March/April 2013, the founder of Strategic Games Tristan Barnett, encountered three spiritual events at Macquarie University including an 'out-of-body' experience where the soul left the body and Tristan observed a reincarnation of God as a bird in the spiritual world. This event occurred as a direct result of making the connection with yoga and conflict resolution within an ideology, such that 'Yoga is the most effective method to resolving conflicts'. This ideology and associated policies is a revelation that has been approved by God as a method for how society today should function to ultimately bring about world peace. As a consequence Tristan has been appointed by God as the next King for the Jewish people following Messiah Jesus. Thus King Tristan is currently the only official Abrahamic representative of God and the truth about Jesus, and has shown that there are no contradictions within the Old Testament, New Testament and the Qur'an.

'The Book of Hare Krishna' is the next chapter in God's story which summarizes Tristan's life story, the spiritual events that took place at Macquarie University, the Strategic Games ideology and the truth about Jesus. Churches will eventually adopt 'The Book of Hare Krishna', which will be supported by Muslims and ultimately supported by the Jews. This unity amongst the three Abrahamic religions will help to establish world peace and from God's covenant with Abraham 'The Jews will obtain their promised land and be a blessing to all people and nations'.

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