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"The Baron's" live tennis predctions on youtube (html)
"The Baron's" live tennis predictions on twitch (html)

Tristan is a mathematician with a PhD in tennis statistics who has made a career out of predicting sporting outcomes. This includes setting prices prior and during a match in progress for international bookmakers Ladbrokes and Centrebet, and sports IT company Infoplum. He is most recognized for his tennis predictions with appearances on SEN sports radio, 3RRR 'Run Like You Stole Something' sports segment and several articles in the Australian Financial Review. Over a period of 11 years Tristan co-authored a book 'The Mathematics of Tennis' (pdf) which outlines the mathematical model as well as a predictions model to build a sophisticated tennis calculator in an Excel spreadsheet to obtain chances of player's winning as well as match duration for a match in progress (xlsx). The parameters for the predictions can easily be updated prior to the start of the match through OnCourt software (html).

Based on this tennis calculator Tristan would like to be a tennis commentator during grand slam tournaments as a tennis statistician.

The coverage would be further enhanced by the detailed statistics available on OnCourt such as the head-to-head service and return statistics conditional on the court surface.

Even further, Tristan has an extensive knowledge of the game including identifying the best players of all time (pdf); improvements to tennis regulations consisting of court surface, heat rule, tournament formats, scoring systems and the challenge system (pdf); and using the game of tennis to teach mathematics and statistics to a general audience.

Tristan has a comprehensive list of media radio interviews and you can listen to a interview with radio personality Red Symons about improving the tennis scoring system (mp3).

You can contact Tristan about becoming a statistician tennis commentator.