Strategic Games


Tristan was part of a gambling syndicate through the automation of online video poker machines (pdf). It can be argued that automating online video poker is "optimally" the best gambling game for profit.

1) The whole system is automated (playing blackjack is labour intensive).
2) The money is lost to the house through progressive jackpots so longevity shouldn't be a problem (in blackjack the money is coming directly from the house and players run the risk of being barred).
3) If you make $10/hour on one machine then you can make $100/hour on ten machines and $1000/hour on one hundred machines etc with the same amount of risk.

Therefore building a warehouse with a bank of computers and a highly experienced programmer someone should be able to make 1 million dollars through online progressive video poker.

Tristan developed a formula on when to start playing these jackpot games based on the size of the bankroll (pdf). This is more commonly known as the Kelly Criterion when multiple outcomes exist. At the same time Tristan was involved in a work agreement dispute as a development of Sportsbet 21, a Swinburne University startup company which provides to bookmakers computer generated odds driven by statistical models for live betting on cricket and tennis within a sporting contest. Tristan was undertaking a PhD in tennis statistics at Swinburne University and employed by Sportsbet21 for live tennis predictions. Tristan was claiming that he was owed money for holiday pay, late payments, superannuation and being out of work to the total of $13,000 (pdf). However, there are risks involved in going to court from legal costs and a remarkable connection between the Kelly formula derived in video poker was applied to the work agreement dispute which was published in an established journal 'Law, Probability and Risk' (pdf). Essentially lawsuits can be modelled like a casino game. Software for lawsuits can be obtained from here (xlsx). Tristan applied this Kelly formula to obtain 1 million dollars profit over a deceased estate that went to court.

Even further, the Kelly Criterion when multiple outcomes exist was applied to two-person zero-sum games to establish the 'Kelly Equilibrium' which appears to be a "fairer" solution than the famous 'Nash Equilibrium' when there is risk involved (as depicted in the movie 'A Beautiful Mind') and also published in 'Law, Probability and Risk' (pdf) (pdf). Tristan also generalized the model for resolving problem gambling by utilizing video poker (pdf).

There have been many recent movies based on real stories within universities:

A Beautiful Mind directed by Ron Howard occurred within Princeton University 2001 (html).

21 produced by Dana Brunetti, Kevin Spacey and Michael De Luca occurred within Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2008 (html).

The Social Network directed by David Fincher occurred within Harvard University 2010 (html).

However there has been no recent movie within an Australian university. Tristan is in search of a screenplay writer for a movie based on the above story. This could be relevant to a research student undertaking an honours, masters or PhD and hence qualify for their degree. Once a screenplay is written Tristan will then search for a director and a film production company for funding. Such a movie could potentially transform Swinburne University to a new level.


Guy West - the coordinator (html)
Dr Tristan Barnett - the maths and gaming probability genius (html)
Bill Jordan - the programming genius (html)
Andrew Scott - the professional gambler and backer (html)
Professor James Franklin - risk taking in law expert (html)

All proceeds from the movie will go to the Strategic Games Foundation (html)