Strategic Games




Statistics in Sport by Jay Bennett (html)

Figuring Sport by Graeme Cohen and Neville de Mestre (html)

The Hidden Mathematics of Sport by Rob Eastaway and John Haigh (html)

Analyzing Wimbledon: The Power of Statistics by Franc Klaassen and Jan Magnus (html)

Optimal Strategies in Sport by Shaul Ladany and Robert Machol (html)

Mathematics and Sports edited by Joseph Gallian (html)

Mathematics and Sports by LE Sadovskii and AL Sadovskii (html)

The Mathematics of Tennis by Tristan Barnett and Alan Brown (pdf)

Operations Research in Tennis by Tristan Barnett (pdf)

The Mathematical Modelling of Sport: using recurrence formulas in Excel by Tristan Barnett (pdf)

Analysing Oceania's qualification path to the World Cup: a retrospective ratings- based statistical analysis by Anthony Bedford and Cliff Da Costa (html)

Operational Research Applied to Sports edited by Mike Wright (html)

Gambling and Sport: A Statistical Approach by John Croucher (html)

Moneyball by Michael Lewis (html)

Duckworth Lewis: The Method and the Men behind it by Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis (html)

Sports Math: An Introductory Course in the Mathematics of Sports Science and Sports Analytics by Roland Minton (html)

Mathletics: How Gamblers, Managers, and Sports Enthusiasts Use Mathematics in Baseball, Basketball, and Football by Wayne Winston (html)

Mathematics in Games, Sports, and Gambling: - The Games People Play by Ronald Gould (html)

The Math of Sports: Integrating Math in the Real World (Integrating Math in the Real World Series) by Hope Martin and Susan Guengerich (html)

Analytic Methods in Sports: Using Mathematics and Statistics to Understand Data from Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Other Sports by Thomas Severini (html)

Sports Math: Slam-Dunk Learning With Super-Fun Reproducible Activities That Build Essential Math Skills by Denise Kiernan (html)

Ball Game Math by Katie Marsico (html)

Basketball: The Math of the Game by Thomas Adamson (html)

Mathematics Is Not a Spectator Sport by George Phillips (html)

How to Take a Penalty: The Hidden Mathematics of Sport by Rob Eastaway and John Haigh (html)

Mathematics and Science for Exercise and Sport: The Basics by Craig Williams, David James and Cassie Wilson (html)

Fantasy Basketball and Mathematics: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents, Grades 5 and Up by Dan Flockhart (html)

Fantasy Football and Mathematics: Student Workbook by Dan Flockhart (html)

Basketball Analytics: Objective and Efficient Strategies for Understanding How Teams Win by Stephen Shea and Christopher Baker (html)

Mathematics in Sport by Bob Dengate (html)

Fantasy Baseball and Mathematics: A Resource Guide for Teachers and Parents, Grades 5 and Up by Dan Flockhart (html)

Economics, Management and Optimization in Sports edited by Sergiy Butenko and Jaime Gil-Lafuente (html)

Run Like You Stole Something: The Science Behind the Score Line by Damian Farrow and Justin Kemp (html)

Why Dick Fosbury Flopped: and answers to other big sporting questions by Damian Farrow and Justin Kemp (html)

Science Meets Sports: when statistics are more than numbers edited by Christophe Ley and Yves Dominicy (html)


Proceedings of Mathematics and Computers in Sport (html)

Proceedings of Mathsport International

International Journal of Computer and Science in Sport (html)

Journal of Medicine and Science in Tennis (html)

Proceedings of the International Congress of Tennis Science and Technology (html)

ITF Coaching and Sport Science Review (html)

Science and Racket Sports

Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports (html)

Significance Magazine (html)

CHANCE (html)

International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching (html)

Journal of Sports Science & Medicine (html)

Journal of the Operational Research Society (html)

Foresight: The International Journal of Applied Forecasting (html)

International Journal of Forecasting (html)

Sports Forecasting edited by Herman Stekler and Leighton Vaughan-Williams (html)

Sports Forecasting edited by Ian McHale and Tim Swartz (pdf)

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (pdf)

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics: Mathematics in Sport edited by David Percy, James Reade and Hugh Morton (html)

IMA Journal of Management Mathematics: Mathematics in Sport edited by John Norman and Philip Scarf (html)

Mathematics and Sport edited by Megan Powell (html)

Journal of Sports Analytics (html)


A Stochastic Analysis of Scoring Systems by Graham Pollard (pdf)

Performance Modelling in Sport by Stephen Clarke (pdf)

Mathematical Modelling in Hierarchical Games with Specific Reference to Tennis by Tristan Barnett (pdf)

A mathematical, statistical, probabilistic and strategic analysis of tennis by Geoff Pollard (pdf)

Dynamic prediction of Australian Rules football using real time performance statistics by Donald Forbes (pdf)

Measuring team performance and modelling the home advantage effect in cricket by Paul Allsopp (pdf)

Predicting sporting outcomes: a statistical approach by Michael Bailey (pdf)

Assessing player performance in Australian football using spatial data by Karl Jackson (pdf)

Prediction of In-Play Tennis by Michelle Viney (pdf)

Testing for a Winning Mood Effect and Predicting Winners at the 2003 Australian Open by Lisa Miller (pdf)

Probabilistic Match Importance in Professional Sports by Michael de Lorenzo (pdf)

Player Ratings in Continuous and Discrete Team Sports by Jonathan Sargent (pdf)

The Prediction of Outcomes in the National Basketball Association by Jong-Ho Park (pdf)

Predicting Outcomes in Australian Rules Football by Richard Ryall (pdf)

Training and Evaluating Champions: A Skills Acquisition Training Tool in Badminton by Minh Huynh (pdf)

Statistical Models Applied to the Rating of Sports Teams by Kenneth Massey (pdf)

Assessing the skill of football players using statistical methods by Lukasz Szczepanski (pdf)

Statistical methods in sports with a focus on win probability and performance evaluation by Dennis Lock (pdf)

Predicting Regular Season Results of NBA Teams Based on Regression Analysis of Common Basketball Statistics by Stanley Yang (pdf)

A set-by-set analysis method for predicting the outcome of professional singles tennis matches by Agnieszka Madurska (pdf)


RMIT Sports Statistics (html)

Macquarie Gambling, Sport and Medicine (html)

Latrobe Master of Sports Analytics (html)

Strategic Games Tennis Statistics with Applications to other Sports (pdf)


Moneyball directed by Bennett Miller (html)

Franc Klaassen (html)

Minimax Play at Wimbledon by Mark Walker and John Wooders (pdf)

A Service-Points-Elo-System for beating the tennis betting market by Chrilly Donninger (pdf)

Teaching Mathematics and Statistics Using Tennis by Reza Noubary (pdf)

Stephen Clarke's Footy tips (html)

Monash University Probabilistic Footy Tipping Competition (html)

SportsFlash (html)

Australian Open (html)

French Open (html)

Wimbledon (html)

US Open (html)


OnCourt (html)

Tennis Navigator (html)

Tennis Calculator (xlsx)

Dynamic Tennis Probabilities Calculator (html)

Free Duckworth Lewis Calculator (html)


Mathsport (html)

Mathsport International (html)

International Association of Computer Science in Sport (html)

Institute for Health and Sport (html)

Australian Institute of Sport (html)

Society for Tennis Medicine and Science (html)

ITF Tennis Science and Technology (html)

ITF Worldwide Coaches Conference (html)

Royal Statistical Society (html)

World Congress on Racket Sport Science

IMA International Conference on Mathematics in Sport (html)

International Institute of Forecasters (html)

Analytics in Sport (html)

ATP Tour (html)

WTA Tour (html)


Infoplum (html)

Champion Data (html)

Sunshine Coast Lighting (html)

Ranking Software (html)

Tennis Australia (html)